Saturday 19 October 2019

'Wellness Warrior' to host peri-menopause presentation

'The Wellness Warrior', Catherine O'Keeffe, will host her Peri-Menopause Presentation in Cork on April 4 in the Ambassador Hotel at 7.30pm.

This health talk could be of interest to women in their early forties and fifties on a topic which has come to prominence in recent years. Catherine is currently doing talks all over Ireland.

Catherine has extensive knowledge in the area of menopause. She is a health enthusiast, homeopath, food lover and a former financial services director.

Catherine is also a blogger with My Second Spring, a menopause internet site which claims two million viewers. She also holds private consultations over Skype, Zoom and at her offices at Kilkenny & Dublin.

"Perimenopause is an inevitable journey for women and the more preparation and self-education you can do will ease this life transition and make it a more positive time in your life," said Catherine.

"I believe in a whole health approach to wellness and my goal is to empower women to experience vitality through good food, healthy lifestyle, exercise and nourishing self-care.

"It is becoming more widely understood that perimenopause and menopause do not adhere to a specific list of symptoms. Women's experiences vary widely and so do the solutions to help manage difficult symptoms. Every woman's experience is unique.

"In the West our views of menopause are not always positive. I am on a mission to change this and break the taboo that surrounds menopause."

The evening will consist of an introduction to peri-menopause and menopause, what to expect, how to ease symptoms and, more importantly, what you can do to thrive through this chapter in your life.

You can follow Catherine on her website,, and various social media platforms.