Monday 19 August 2019

Walk through time rediscovers an eventful past in Lismire

Sheila Fitzgerald

Lismire Community Association in conjunction with IRD Duhallow Day of the Regions hosted a historical walk and talk around Kilcorcoran Cemetary and the old road and village of Coolavota in Lismire.

Local historian Kit Hannigan gave a fascinating talk in the graveyard where she explained about the ruins of Kilcorcoran Medieval Church, dating back to 1302.

Kit outlined how that area evolved over the years into what is now the parish of Lismire and Kanturk. 

In addition, she recounted that when IRD Duhallow had all the headstones recorded and photographed four years ago, 219 graves were recorded in the old graveyard. 

There was also an entertaining discussion about the burial (and reburial!) of Paddy McCarthy, who was killed while fighting the Black and Tans in 1920. 

The large attendance then left the graveyard and wandered along the Old Road to see the ruins of the two last remaining cottages of the old village of Coolavota.

In those days, Lismire village didn't exist, and again there was a lively discussion about who would have lived in the various cottages, what happened to them, and where their relatives are now. 

Following a most entertaining evening in the sunshine, everyone headed back to the local community centre for some refreshments, further discussion, and to look at maps of the locality portraying different eras. 

"It was a wonderful experience for everyone to revisit their local history and for recent arrivals to the parish to learn about the community that they now call home. Overall, it was a superb evening," Marie Arnold of Lismire Community Association said.