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Tubrid Well pilgrimage draws terrific crowds

TUBRID Well has been the place of pilgrimage for hundreds over recent weeks and visits to the picturesque Millstreet location climaxed last Friday evening on the staging of the annual outdoor Mass traditionally hosted on last Friday in May.

Though a constant flow of young and old convene on Tubrid and its Lourdes Grotto to Our Lady throughout the year, it reached a peak during May for patrons to gather, pray and sample Holy Water with confirmation of cures for the handicapped and ill.

The chief celebrant was Canon John Fitzgerald assisted by Fr. Seán Tucker. Millstreet Pipe Band maintained a long tradition with Tubrid, attending and delivering a fitting recital. Exploits of Sagart Mór THE Millstreet-based Aubane Historical Society is known far and wide for offering a journey of discovery on Irish history and their latest publication titled 'A Millstreet Miscellany' covers an assortment of subjects.

Editor Jack Lane captures the disappointment and the reasons of Queen Victoria not stopping in Millstreet during 1861 on a train journey to Killarney.

The age old Millstreet Horse Fair is featured with an incident from 1778 involving soldiers and some country people in addition to a detailed account of a Tenant Right Meeting from 1858.

And there is a fantastic insight on Sagart Mór, the name given to Fr. Patrick Fitzpatrick who ministered in Millstreet for 45 years.

"Called by his people ' An Sagart Mór', he was their banker, their law -giver, their adviser and their leader in every way. They pleaded their disputes before him, giving justice and mercy to all. He fought their battles against the tithe proctors. When he died in 1865, the parish and he people of Millstreet had been transformed," said Mr. Lane.

The deeds of Fr. Fitzpatrick remain a topic of conversation, none more so than rescuing the widow's cow. With the tithe war raging in 1833, Fr. Fitzpatrick supervising the construction of a church heard the only cow belonging to a poor widow was taken by the title proctor and directed to Macroom to be sold at the fair.

"Heading into the crowded streets of pre-famine Macroom, the people surged around and the two proctors were glad to escape. Fr. Fitzpatrick turned the cow around and headed back to Millstreet. Halfway home, Fr. Fitzpatrick and cow were met by cheering crowds with drums, banners and lighted torches. That was the end of the proctor's activities in the matter," said Mr. Lane.

Copies of 'Millstreet Miscellany' are available at Wordsworth, Millstreet, or from the Aubane Historical Society, Aubane, Millstreet. O'Sullivan Bere epic march WALK a mile from Dunboy to Leitrim with Peter Lonergan, the Corkman who has spent the last 30 years in Australia. Peter will follow the march of O'Sullivan Beare in 1603 starting at O'Sullivan Beare Castle in Dunboy on Saturday, June 2, at 9am walking to Glengarriff.

The schedule continues on Sunday from Glengarriff Woods to Gougane Barra with Augeris Church to Millstreet planned for Monday. Tuesday sees the walk from the river Blackwater to Newmarket with Lismire to the Limerick border planned for Wednesday.

In 1602, the English army struck a blow at O'Sullivan Beare and captured his herd of 4,000 sheep, 2,000 cattle and 100 ponies. On New Year's Eve 1602, faced with starvation, O'Sullivan Beare fled with 400 men and 600 camp followers, women and children. On their 14th day O'Sullivan Beare reached Leitrim Castle with numbers hugely reduced.