Friday 19 January 2018

Treasures of Castlemagner unveiled in new book


COBWEB covered boxes which had long been relegated to attics and the backs of presses around Castlemagner Parish yielded up a treasure trove of old photographs which are now compiled in a fabulous large format book that was launched last Thursday night in the local community centre.

The book is a gallery of faces, places and events in the parish dating from the 1800s up to recent times, and as each photograph is accompanied by a detailed caption, it is sure to evoke many fond memories for Castlemagner natives everywhere.

Kathleen Moylan, who is chairperson of the Sinsir Club, explained how the project was undertaken with assistance from IRD Duhallow who "promote, encourage and fund us for different initiatives".

"We have photos of Rathmaher House, Assolas in the 1800s, Lohort Castle, several thatched houses, and images of how people worked and lived back then," Kathleen revealed.

The launch of the book took place in conjunction with the reopening of the newly refurbished community centre, a state of the art facility which is now widely used by all groups in the parish.

Members of the hall committee told The Corkman that while the project was mainly supported by Leader funding, the undertaking would not have been possible without the generosity of the local community which was greatly appreciated.

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