Monday 17 December 2018

Toastmasters set for mighty night at the Hibernian

Around Mallow

Eugene Cosgrove

Delayed by Storm Emma, the Speakeasy Toastmasters 25th Anniversary Celebration Night takes place on Saturday in the Hibernian Hotel at 8pm. There will be gales on the night, this time gales of laughter.

It promises to be a festival of nostalgia and entertainment, with the cream of Speakeasy delivering some of the most memorable speeches ever delivered at meetings over the last quarter of a century.

Among the featured speakers is Kieran Buckley. Kieran is a Past President,renowned for his fine speeches. His chosen speech on Saturday Night is "Lions led by Donkeys", a moving reflection on World War 1, delivered from a soldier's point of view. Over the past few years,Speakeasy has been a witness to many extraordinary presentations from Bobby Buckley.

A native of Mallow, Bobby is a dual member of both Speakeasy and the Rathfarnham Club in Dublin. Bobby will regale all on Saturday night with his recollections of times past in Mallow. Also on the menu is Gerry O'Callaghan. Gerry can always be relied on to colour his verbal outpourings with a large dollop of humour,not exclusively self-directed.

Like many of the speakers on the night, Gerry was a contestant at the highest level in Toastmasters, fondly remembered for his touching eulogy to his dearly departed pet rat, 'Toby'.

All in all, the celebration night will have a broad range of speeches that will entertain, inspire and give the opportunity to reflect on some of life's big questions. So,why not drop in on this special night.Refreshments will be served on the night and fun is guaranteed. Meanwhile at the last ST meeting, those present were treated to a fascinating selection of subjects during the speech programme.

Under the astute and personable guidance of the Toastmaster of the evening, Bridie O'Connell, a number of speakers gave very strong and factual presentations.

Kevin O'Neill of Fermoy Toastmasters recalled the "Tin Lizzie", the most influential motor car of all time, the Model T.

He outlined the huge significance of Henry Ford's achievements - the introduction of assembly line production, the personal freedom that the automobile provided and improvements in workers pay and conditions. It's only drawback was the cumbersome and dangerous method of starting the vehicle- by a crank handle.

"Any colour you like, as long as it's black," was the motto of Henry Ford.Yet, the original Model T came in greys and green.

Finally, Bobby Buckley gave a motivational talk on Leadership Excellence. He spoke about the new Toastmasters Programme -"Pathways".

He encouraged all members to embrace this programme which reinforces the communication leadership ethos of the organisation and to take the plunge by adapting the online technology which plays a role in the Toastmasters Programme.

As always, all speakers received full and frank evaluations of their speeches, evaluations provided in a comprehensive manner by Claire O'Connell, Don McSweeney, Pat Sexton and Ray Ryan.

At the meeting's conclusion,the general evaluator, Theresa O'Reilly, presented awards for the Best performances:

Marie Lynes - Best Topic; Best Evaluator - Ray Ryan ; Best Speaker - Kevin O'Neill.Awards are presented to the outstanding performers at each meeting but,it should be noted that all contributors are winners.

Forthcoming events at Speakeasy include the Area 17 Finals (North Cork) of the Speech and Evaluation Contests on April 19 in the Hibernian Hotel.

Meanwhile, all roads lead to Saturday night and the Speakeasy Toastmasters 25 year anniversary celebration night - a night which all are welcome and encouraged to attend.