Thursday 14 December 2017

This zumba lark isn't as easy as it looks


IT'S probably the dream of many men to be in a room surrounded by more than 40 hot and sweaty women.

That was the situation I found myself in recently when I decided to try my hand at Zumba as part of the Mind, Body and Soul challenge.

To be fair to all of the women in the class, myself, Paul (from Paul's Gym) and his brother were made to feel more than welcome by course co-ordinator Linda Kearny and the other women in the class from the start.

However, to say that I felt a bit like a fish out of water would be something of a major understatement. As I possess not an ounce of natural rhythm I knew the session would pose certain problems.

That said, I thought to myself 'it's only a bit of dancing, how difficult can it be'?

That sense of cockiness was very quickly knocked back amid a flurry of flailing arms and legs, rivers of sweat, and the realisation that this zumba lark is not quite as easy as it looks.

I have to admit that despite the sore limbs and looks of amusement from some of the regular zumba goers, I enjoyed the hour long workout. Indeed, I would recommend anyone give it a go.

However, once was enough for me.

With only two weeks left to go in the challenge, the six of us are doing well and while, in my own case, the weight has not fallen asunder as I may have liked, I feel so much better for having been a part of it.

I know I speak for us all when I say each of us feel fitter and have welcomed the opportunity to bring real and hopefully lasting changes to our lives.

As the challenge draws to a close we will keep readers posted on our progress ahead of the final weigh in on Saturday, March 2.


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