Sunday 25 February 2018

The right time for a new beginning

Emily Hurley-wilkinson

I DON'T have enough motivation. That's too difficult, I can't do that, If I try I'll fail anyway, I won't be successful, I'm too shy, it's too late, I'm too old. Sound familiar? These self- confidence destroying statements could be the key reason that you have struggled to achieve your resolutions in 2012 and as you plan your resolutions for 2013 you need to know that as long as you carry around beliefs like these you will sabotage your chance of achieving any new goals for the year ahead.

What's worse is that we usually do not recognise that it's even happening to us as most of our thoughts and actions are automatic and so instead we attribute our lack of achievement to inadequacy

hat's just the way it is type thinking!

Invariably, this strengthens these negative self- concepts and so we get caught up in a self-defeating cycle that can be very difficult to break!

What about you? Looking back at 2012 how have you changed? A great many people complain about their life and their circumstances yet few do anything significant to change it!

Have you thought about your life direction for 2013? If you were to acknowledge and accept that you are the most important person in the world what would you do differently for the coming year?

Imagine now that time has moved on and it is December 2013 - what do you hope to have accomplished? Take a moment now to visualise that and note what comes up for you.

Is there enough time for you? Do you need more work / life balance? Is your life fulfilling? Would you like to explore your career options? Would you like better relationships with others? Does your communication skills need a check- up? How's your health? What about your emotional wellbeing and levels of self-worth? Is there a negativity, a bad habit or a situation that you would like to have resolved?

Today, resolve yourself to this one goal. To live life now and to not put your life on hold no more! How many times do you repeatedly put things off ? Procrastination is a very popular form of self-sabotage. ' The time isn't right or 'I don't have enough time'!? Or perhaps you overcommit? Saying yes to everything until you feel overwhelmed!

Realize that this form of self-sabotage keeps you from achieving your 'real' goals (the ones that would bring you the most fulfilment if you were brave enough to pursue them) because they distract you with a range of minor activities.

So many of us get caught up on the treadmill of modern life that we over complicate things and often forget which direction we are going in and more importantly why!?

Remember, it doesn't matter where you are right now; it's where you're headed that really counts. If you are feeling stuck with an unresolved issue from last year, an empowering question to ask yourself is this; what can you do ' today' to start moving this forward, what help can you seek, what information can you acquire that will help resolve or change this situation skilfully so that you can embrace 2013 on a positive note - a new beginning for a new you.

Happy New Year.

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