Thursday 22 March 2018

Take a closer look at a hidden gem in the heart of Mallow

SITUATED at the cross-roads of Munster, Mallow, has prospered throughout the centuries as a market town and today carries on that legacy with a thriving local economy and an enviable number of businesses located in the heart of the town.

The copious number of successful businesses located in the centre of Mallow gives the town a sense of vibrancy and character and this is especially apparent in the Fair Street, Bowling Green and Chapel Lane area.

Fair Street and Bowling Green is often considered the health hub of Mallow with many businesses specialising in the area of health, well-being, fitness, beauty and hairdressing.

Businesses located here include a holistic healing centre, fitness centre, a physio clinic, sports medicine and a chiropatic centre. You can get your eyes tested and treated, your feet cared. And when that's done, there are beauty salons nearby, and salons for your hair, too.

And to polish it all off you can also visit the dentist.

This area is one of Mallow's hidden gems with most businesses complimenting each other. In addition to this there is a conveniently located car park in the area.

And, of course, there's plenty more on offer. As well as schools there's also accountants, window supplier and even a funeral home.

Chapel Lane is located just off Bowling Green and is also the location of a broad selection of businesses ranging from financial services to DIY to take away dinners.

The businesses located in Chapel Lane range from financial services to planning design and construction to home improvements. Fair Street, too, is a beehive of activity, with everything from a local dry cleaners to fireplaces to auctioneer, office supplies and a mobile phone repair centre.

The Fair Green, Bowling Green and Chapel Lane is a bustling area showcasing the enterprising spirit that exists in Mallow and is sure to continuing to thrive as the businesses there offer customers such a diverse range of services and products.