Monday 18 December 2017

Susan comes home to launch new book

KANTURK-BORN author and wellbeing coach Susan Fitzgerald is coming to her hometown to launch her newly published book 'Mind Over Mountains', which offers insights and tips on living a full and authentic life.

This mindful reflection, coupled with Susan's experience as a wellbeing life coach, forms the basis for the book, which encourages people to live lives of freedom, authentic self-expression and empathy, by reading, absorbing and following the reflections and life tips that she offers.

The challenges of dealing with divorce and a cancer diagnosis when she was aged in her early 30s prompted Susan to stand back from the fastpaced life she had been living and to reassess every aspect of her experience.

Now living in Killarney, Susan choose to use her life traumas to explore and overcome the "victim" mentality and to learn from the challenges that life inevitably throws our way. In her book, she shares the many lessons of that journey, with insightful reflections on how best to embark on a life journey of empathy and authenticity.

In addition to her reflections, Susan also outlines her best life health tips for the mind, body and soul. For example, her 'Inner Joy Detox' is a step-by-step guide on how to clear the body, mind and spirit to prepare for a more reflective life, and it is complemented in a practical way by a choice of healthy soup recipes.

An evening seminar on 'Wellbeing for Life' will be held from 7.30pm to 9pm on Tuesday 30th October in the Temperance Hall, next to The Alley Bar in Kanturk. The entry fee is €10.

Mind Over Mountains, which is published by Red Hen Publishing is also available online at Susan can be contacted on 085-7770430.

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