Saturday 25 November 2017

Second hand glam



FINDING new ways of marketing your goods and services is a key element of business in 2012 - and now a Mallowbased initiative has got their own three-for-one deal going.

Take one local photographer, add in three young models looking for a break, and mix with some fine couture - from your lcoal secondhand shop. And bingo, you've got a three-in-one business network that's nothing if not stylish.

Shopping in second hand clothing shops has come back into fashion. And why not, when you can get much better quality and even designer clothes at amazing prices.

Besides, it is good for the environment by reducing waste in landfills throughout the country, plus there's the thrill of finding something amazing that cost next to nothing. Perhaps most of all, by shopping in second hand charity shops you can help support a local worthy cause and its valuable work.

To highlight the quality of the clothes you can find in charity shops, photographer Bernadette Hayes of Queenan Photography in Mallow has teamed up with models looking to get started in the fashion industry to do photo-shoots using the clothes from local second hand shops.

Bernadette came up with this project as she wanted to expand her business and be more creative. This project allows Bernadette to add fashion photographs to her portfolio, to promote second hand clothing and businesses, such as Autiam Assistance Dogs Ireland (AADI) in Mallow.

The AADI, which opened on Short Castle Street in December of last year, donated many items of clothing to the shoot.

The wedding dresses seen in the shoot were made by the AADI with the help of Audrey at Celtic Curtains (who, by the way, has a new book out at the moment).

This project also helps promote other local businesses, such as Parkwest Flowers, owned by Sharon Cregg, who donated flowers to the shoot, make up artist Karen Rodgers, and hairdresser Rachel Dee.

The location of the shoot was the very elegant Townhouse Interiors in Doneraile, which is owned by Myra Ryall.

Another business involved in the exciting new project is Silver Lining in Kanturk. Bernadette found Silver Lining on Facebook and was very interested in the business as it sold really eye-catching clothes.

Silver Lining opened just over two months ago and is owned by Natasha Taylor. It is a second hand clothing shop that specialises in women and men's clothing and accessories.

Natasha sources the clothes online and from people that come into the shop who want to sell that pre-loved designer outfit that has been tucked away in the back of the wardrobe. All you have to do is bring the outfit in and agree a price with Natasha, who takes 50% commission.

Natasha also has a daughter, Charley, who is interested in fashion and acted as a model in the photo shoot.

The models used in the shoot are all models trying to get started in the fashion industry. The four models involved are Laura Jane O'Rahilly from Mallow, Emma Collins from Mallow, Tammy Kenny from Cork, and Charley Taylor from Mallow.

The project worked a treat, giving great exposure to a number of local businesses, and young models - all with just a little bit of imagination.

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