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Rewire your mind - reshape your


IT'S that time of year again when we start talking and thinking about New Year Resolutions.

For many it's a significant time symbolising the beginning of a better tomorrow; an opportunity to change things about themselves and within their life. However, many of us make the same resolutions year after year without much success, losing focus and motivation.

Next year will be different for six lucky people. The Corkman in association with a team of 'wellness experts' are giving you an opportunity to achieve your goals in 2013 with our eight week 'Mind Body Soul Challenge'.

The Mind Body Soul life transforming project is an eight week holistic coaching programme that works on all aspects of your wellbeing and will include mind training, body reshaping and stress release.

The driving force behind this highly valuable project is life and business coach Emily Hurley-Wilkinson. Many of you will already be familiar with her weekly Life Skills column in The Corkman.

Emily has brought together four wellness experts, including herself, to specifically design a life changing programme for six lucky volunteers to help get them off to a successful start for the New Year.

The Body Transformation

THIS part of the challenge will focus on your physical wellness. It will be managed by fitness expert Paul Keating, owner and personal fitness coach of Paul's Fitness Centre in Market Square, Mallow, and Donna Westley, who is a state registered dietician and member of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute.

Paul grew up in Mourneabbey, Mallow and opened his fitness centre in Market Square, Mallow in March of this year. He is passionate about fitness and his goal is to inspire people to take a more proactive role in the care of their physical health.

He is currently completing his Diploma in Neuromuscular & Physical Therapy and has won many awards across the fitness and bodybuilding sectors. Paul's fitness repertoire is extensive, having trained in many self- defence disciplines such as karate, taekwondo, judo, krav maga and is a qualified instructor in muaythai.

Self-defence classes are also on offer weekly from his fitness centre for women, men and children along with one to one personal fitness programmes.

The physical transformation challenge will involve three intensive weekly fitness training sessions with Paul. This will be a combination of cardio exercise and resistance training.

Nutritional programme

NO body transformation is ever complete without a wellbalanced diet. You are what you eat and your body will utilise whatever goes in.

If you eat high grade foods rich in nutrients then your body will run optimally. If you enjoy eating the ' bad' stuff then don't expect your body to look great.

This eight week challenge aims to get results in a short period of time. As a result, it is important as a participant you understand that your nutritional habits are twice as important as your exercise participation.

Our dietician Donna Westley is a degree qualified health professional and she is in private practice at The 4th Practice, Mallow Primary Healthcare Centre, Mallow, providing one to one patient consultation.

Donna provides clinical nutritional advice to patients on various medical conditions and is currently completing her masters at the University of Surrey, Guildford, UK in Nutritional Medicine.

Previously, Donna had a private practice at the Centre for Sports Medicine, Johannesburg providing clinical nutritional advice to patients and sports people. She was the sports dietitian for the county rugby team the Gauteng Lions, advising the players and coaches on sports nutrition.

Donna was also involved in the nutritional screening programme for athletes attending the Commonwealth Games. She has experience working in clinical settings such as Addington Hospital, Durban in the dietetics department and with the food service department.

Your initial session will begin with a discussion about what your goals are in relation to your body. Donna will then complete a thorough body composition analysis which will include body measurements, weight, height, body mass index and fat, and muscle percentage will be measured each week.

By spending time gathering all this data at the commencement of this challenge and thereafter weekly, we will be able to measure improvements and it will also make you accountable if the changes are not moving in the positive direction of your goals.

Donna will also devise individual diet plans and provide each participant with plenty of support and advice throughout.

Personal training sessions, combined with optimum nutrition, provides one of the most effective ways to reshape your body and improve your fitness levels.

Mind training with Emily

YOU cannot live a positive life with a negative mind; that's fact. Are you using your mind for your own good or for your self-destruction? Programmes that often target fitness and weight loss often ignore the core processes that determine how we perceive ourselves. Your beliefs, emotions and habits are forces that determine your choices and ultimately how you live each day.

If you have self-limiting negative beliefs about yourself etched deep down within your mind any attempt at improving yourself for the better will be hijacked and sabotaged by your subconscious mind! Negative thoughts and stress have been proven to seriously damage the body and the functioning of the brain.

Positive attitude leads to a happier biochemistry and thus a healthier body! Right at this minute the next thing you think and your next action will either create a new possibility, or it will repeat the past.

A private one to one mind coaching session with Life Coach Emily Hurley-Wilkinson will be made available to our volunteers during the eight week challenge. Over this time any limiting selfbeliefs, faulty or poor habits of thinking and stresses that you have will be stripped away. Your brain needs training just like your body and this new way of thinking will create positive changes and achievement into all areas of your life.

Emily's philosophy is that people deserve to live their best life and therefore can be empowered and supported to achieve this. Much of her coaching with clients encourages others to have the courage and emotional maturity to commit to developing themselves from the inside out.

Personal growth no matter how small, will inevitably make all the difference in the world regarding the quality of life you live, the level of personal and professional success you achieve, the relationships you experience and ultimately to your health and wellbeing.

Emily is Director of Mind Body Soul Consultants Ltd. She set up her Life Coaching practice in 2006 with a diploma and accreditation endorsed by the Institute of Leadership Management. She frequently speaks nationwide on Life Skills topics including stress management, life balance, communication skills and career coaching. Her areas of speciality are in cognitive behavioural coaching where she is currently completing her certification in CBT/REBT with the Institute of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy of Ireland.

She also specializes in developing Self Esteem in others and is currently Ireland's representative for the International Council of Self Esteem.

Reconnecting with the soul

YOGA practice is the perfect training ground for the mind and body because it connects you with your soul and spirituality.

We learn to not think, to not worry about the future or the past and simply immerse ourselves fully into our actions.

With consistent practice it will quickly improve your ability to quieten and calm a stressed mind. Dedicated practice builds self-awareness and quietens the endless chatter that undermines our best performance.

The practice of yoga has been in existence for 3,000 years and there is proven scientific evidence of its' many health benefits. Yoga poses build strength, power and lean muscle mass. Practice develops incredible core stability and balances the body optimally. It also strengthens muscle groups that are not trained in typical exercise regimes.

Learning to breath in the yogic way sends waves of calm through your nervous system and melts away stress and tension in the body.

Our yoga practitioner, Patricia Murphy, is also owner of Babyfeet Therapies & Courses, Cork and she has been providing a range of holistic therapies and training courses since 1998. She specialises in Yoga for beginners along with reflexology, Indian head massage, Reiki and also offers courses in baby massage /reflexology for parents.

This Mind Body Soul Challenge will be an exhilarating experience, to see that you can achieve what you never thought was possible.

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