Saturday 24 March 2018

Put your imagination to work for St Patrick's Day parade

The Kanturk St Patrick's Day parade will take place, as in past years, from the hospital car park through Percival Street, The Square, Main Street and on to Strand Street where the reviewing stand will be situated. The starting time for the parade will be 2.30pm at the hospital.

Kanturk and District Community Council are encouraging as many as possible to take part and make the parade a bigger success than usual. They hope that you would think up a novel idea with your family, friends or work colleagues and in doing so have a fun day.

As there is an award for the best dressed window in the town, traders are asked and encouraged to make a special effort to pick a theme and in doing so make Kanturk a place to visit on St Patrick's Day.

Kanturk will be in for a treat on St Patrick's Day as Wild Boar Productions and Kanturk Foroige Youth Club join forces for a spectacular street theatre performance. They will take the age-old story of St Patrick banishing the snakes from Ireland give it a new, youthful modern feel. This explosion of vibrance, colour, music and dance - with a few special effects thrown - in will wow onlookers and is not to be missed.

Kanturk Foroige Youth Club have been working very hard on their project for St Patrick's Day and they will be giving a display in the Square and in front of the reviewing stand in Strand Street during the parade. To add to the festive spirit there will be a disco with DJ Cal for the young people and the not so young in the car park at the rear of Super Valu after the parade.