Tuesday 25 June 2019

Moving home now comes at the touch of a button

It has been referred to as the 'Tinder of the property market', and so far over 1,000 tenants, many of them from Cork, have signed up to a new property management service trying to make the moving process less painful for tenants.

'Moving' by Property Button allows tenants to show how they would be an excellent match in the scramble to find a suitable property. Property Button was founded by Jim Urell and Paddy O'Farrell. Potential tenants can find out how quickly they can get a viewing and can also improve their ranking by including validated landlord or work references to their profile.

For landlords and estate agents, 'Moving' aims to help them to identify ideal tenants and move them into suitable properties quickly.

It also aims to lessen the pressures of paperwork and compliance issues with GDPR, BER and Safety Certificates, as well as energy regulations, PRSA and Data Protection Commissioner Audits.

This, a spokesperson said, shifts much of the burden for all the date management to Property Button. For further information go to