Sunday 19 November 2017

Mallow now open seven days a week



WITH the festive season just around the corner, traders in Mallow are going on the offensive by opening their doors to customers seven days a week.

While Sunday may traditionally be a day of rest for many, traders in Mallow town have decided to forgo their Sunday rest in order to keep their cash registers ringing.

The move to seven-day trading has been welcomed by Mallow Chamber president Mary Kelly, who said it has helped make the town a more attractive and vibrant place to visit.

"There is now a brilliant buzz around Mallow on Sunday afternoon," said Mary.

"While any reluctance to open doors for trading on a Sunday is understandable, the general trend in that direction is to be welcomed. I have no doubt but that Mallow will flourish if we can accommodate the busy lives of the modern day consumer," she added.

Of course, another key consideration for shoppers is that they can avail of free parking in the town on Sunday's, a point not lost on the many businesspeople who have embraced the move to seven day opening.

"We've always said Mallow is open for business but now we can say that's the case seven days a week," said Mary

"It's reassuring for people to know that they can get anything any day of the week. With more and more premises opening their doors on a Sunday, people have the chance to shop, browse of pick up their Christmas gifts at their leisure," she added.

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