Sunday 22 July 2018

Mallow getting set for a community gathering in June

Bill Browne

Bringing all sections of the community together under a single banner can only serve to highlight the potential that exists within a particular area. That's the ethos behind the 'Mallow Community Gathering', which will take place at the Mallow GAA Complex in Carrigoon from noon to 6pm on Sunday, June 10.

The gathering, which will be co-hosted by Mallow Special Olympics and Mallow RFC, is the brainchild of Ben Henry who said it would be "a unique opportunity for people to experience a compact version of Mallow".

"Basically, its about getting all sections of the community together in a single location to show what it takes to serve that community and show how working together in collaboration can help achieve a common goal," said Mr Henry.

He said event organisers were hoping that up to 400 cross-community groups from a variety of different backgrounds and interests will set up stands at the gathering. 

"We have already spoken to the Mallow Development Partnership and Mallow Chamber who are very supportive of the project. We are now calling on schools, sporting groups, healthcare groups and all local community bodies and support groups to become involved and be a part of this special occasion," said Mr Henry. 

He said the idea is to give people the opportunity to see at first-hand the sheer wealth and scope of the many groups operating in Mallow and how by working together they can realise the "incredible potential that exists in the town".

"This will be an event for the people, by the people, a novel and interactive journey though all that Mallow has to offer. I would urge all locals groups and bodies to come together on the day for what promises to be a fun and hugely informative community experience," said Mr Henry. 

To find out more about the 'Mallow Community Gathering' and to be included in the event contact Ben Henry on 087 606 6614 or email