Monday 22 July 2019

Look after yourself ahead of exams

Clair Whitty - Naturally Healthy

Are you about to sit an exam, junior cert, leaving cert, or college exams? If you are you may feel stressed, or anxious, have difficulty sleeping, or concentrating.

Here are some questions that I get asked, you might find a solution here.

Q. I'm not normally anxious but I am feeling very anxious and panicky about the exams even though I have put in the work, what can I take?

A. Bach Rescue Remedy is one to try for these situations. It's very popular and is often used to calm the nerves before exams. Or you could choose Balance For Nerves a supplement that contains Magnesium, L Theanine, Passiflora, and B Vitamins an ideal combination to calm the nerves, and reduce anxiety.

Q. I am finding it difficult to get to sleep, please help.

A. I would suggest Mellissa Dream. It contains mellissa-lemon balm which is great for sleep, relaxation, and anxiety. It contains magnesium, chamomile extract, B vitamins, and L theanine these will help you relax and reduce any anxiety around getting to sleep. It will help you focus on exam day too.

Q. I can't concentrate and I can't retain the information no matter how hard I try.

A. Rhodiola can help memory and retention of information, a good one to take to help you recall everything you have learned.

Q. I have two teenagers doing the leaving cert, I am the one that's stressed can you suggest anything for me to take?

A. If you're not on medication try Ginseng, it will help you cope with the stress you're experiencing. It's also a great one for teenagers to take to improve energy and to reduce stress.

Q. I am very tired. Is there anything that I can take to improve my energy levels? I eat well.

A. There are a number of supplements that you could consider, Oxylent, Floradix Iron, Ginseng, or Terra Nova Life Drink, any of these would help with your energy levels.

These are some of the questions that I get asked around exam time. I hope these tips help.

I wish you all the best of luck.