Friday 24 November 2017

Lissarda and Kilmurry - a visitors paradise

Taking into account Lissarda's prime location at the heart of the enchanting Lee Valley, tourism is a major factor in the region, and with a wealth of activities and amenities available, visitors are spoiled for choice while exploring the stunning countryside which is one of the most picturesque landscapes in Ireland.

With Cork city, and the towns of Macroom and Bandon close by, Lissarda and Kilmurry are ideal bases for a long or short break.

Nearby Farran Forest Park is a firm favourite with both locals and visitors. The wood is home to a diverse variety of vegetation, there is a wild fowl reserve, several charming forest walks, a children's playground, and parking space for up to 400 cars.

If fishing is your passion, there is no better place to spend a peaceful afternoon as there are literally hundreds of locations all along the river where you can pursue this pastime to your hearts content.

The Gearagh national reserve is a unique feature consisting of an inland delta which is made up of a series of small islands, separated by river channels. This fascinating area is thought to have been wooded since the end of the last ice age approximately 10,000 years ago, and was described by a 17th century historian as "an immense plain covered with trees and divided by the River Lee into 1,000 islands"

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