Saturday 24 March 2018

Kenny to take on 'The Bull' at Schoolyard

JON Kenny has waited a long time to work with director Kevin O'Shea but it has been worth the wait as he is now poised to take on the role of one of Irish theatre's most complex and shadowy characters, Bull McCabe in John B. Keane's ' The Field.'.

Kenny's chameleon like talents have seen him master many roles including music, the tricky area of comedy and straight acting but he is relishing getting his teeth into the paradoxical character of Bull McCabe.

"I was in the audience at the Schoolyard Theatre at many of the Shoestring plays and I always had a longing to be in the show and now at last its happening," he said. "Its great to be involved finally in one of his (O'Shea's) productions and he has brought a great bunch of characters together and has moulded them into a cohesive group and the audience will see a different version of the 'Field' both production wise and cast wise."

The County Limerick born performer has a huge respect for the writing of John B. Keane and he has already acted in the 'Year of the Hiker' and in 'Sive' and says it is now fantastic to be doing the 'Field.'

"It's been great working with Kevin O'Shea. I've watched his productions with the Shoestring group through the years and I regard it as an honour and a pleasure to work with him on this production. Kevin has a huge amount of respect for playwrights and their writing. Often the ego and indeed the arrogance of the director can take over but that never happens with Kevin and he brings huge enthusiasm, energy and passion to his work and this rubs off on the actors and he remains true to the script in hand," he said.

Jon is delighted to be playing the Schoolyard Theatre in Charleville, which he describes as being like sitting in a room watching television such is the intimacy and atmosphere of the venue. The Shoestring production of ' The Field,' directed by Kevin O'Shea, previews on the 6th, 7th and 9th September and officially opens on Wednesday the 12 th September at the Schoolyard Theatre Charleville and runs on 13th, 14th, 16th, 19th , 20th and 22nd at 8.30pm sharp. Booking at 087-2530955. Don't miss it.