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keeping a regular learning routine is key to success

School Principal Joe O'Dwyer highlights the challenges for students as Covid-19 hits, and teachers give some vital tips for exam classes in several subjects

"In these uncertain times it is vital that all secondary level students, especially Leaving Certs, keep on preparing their work as usual. Students, teachers and families have put in a great effort so far in trying to be as ready as possible for what lies ahead academically, so it would be a great shame for all this work not to be realised.

While students will miss the social interaction that daily attendance at school provides, keeping a regular learning routine - that allows for regular breaks, healthy diet and sleep - is essential. Schools have made arrangements for students to continue with their learning in an online environment but this does not reduce the requirement for learning also from textbooks. In many instances, teachers have also given their students work via the traditional books, worksheets and exam papers.

Our staff and students have been using Microsoft 365 as part of our digital learning plan. This allows teachers to deliver live streamed classes, which can also be recorded and uploaded to Microsoft Teams.

Students can then access lessons at any time. As well as revision, teachers are progressing with their lessons plans and new material is still being delivered. We also encourage students to access our Learning Support teachers online.

Last Monday, 98 per cent of staff and students accessed our online learning platform. While emphasis is being placed on exam students, these figures clearly indicate that students in all year groups are engaging in online teaching and learning. Our young people are so adaptable and digitally able that we are in no doubt they will rise to the challenges."

ISK Principal Joe O'Dwyer