Tuesday 21 November 2017

Is your glass half full or half empty?

ATTITUDES, particularly optimism and pessimism, will be a key determinant on the quality of life you lead.

People who hold an optimistic view of their world tend to look for the best in any situation, despite their fears and doubts; they often see the glass as half full, not half empty.

If you've always had a pessimistic view of your world, it can be difficult to shift your perspective but not impossible! Self- development has very little to do with increasing your intelligence but has all to do with increasing self- awareness, knowledge and a positive attitude.

Indicators of a positive attitude include a willingness to set goals, positive inner self talk, optimism, a desire to give consideration and recognition to other people and taking personal responsibility for your actions.

Conversely, indicators of a negative attitude include arrogance, pessimism, and negative inner self talk, criticising and ridiculing other people and blaming others for your outcomes and circumstances in life.

You cannot afford to let negative people and events steal your most valuable asset - your positive attitude. Be willing to protect it at all costs.

Ways to stimulate a positive mental attitude include the following

Have a strong personal sense of direction and get clarity on your values as your values are like invisible hands that guide and direct you. Whether you realize it or not, your values will always influence your decisions and ultimately your actions! So be sure to know what you stand for!

Add value to other people - Refuse to criticise other people destructively, the desire to make your-self feel artificially better by bringing someone else down equals low self- esteem.

Accept recognition enthusiastically - Be willing to accept praise and compliments with a positive ' thank you'. Remember you are worthy of the praise that you are receiving.

Do one thing each day for someone else for which you neither get nor seek praise, recognition or thanks - It is a reliable indicator of healthy self- esteem and emotional maturity when you are willing to do something where the only pay- off is in nourishing self- esteem.

Accept Responsibility for where you are in life and give up the resistance. The highest level of human emotional maturity is to be fully accountable for your life and to accept, without complaint, full personal responsibility for the choices you make.

Challenge Yourself - You grow as a person only when you step beyond your comfort zone of familiar attitudes and experiences. Have the courage to question the comfort zone of your own attitudes and opinions. Be honest with yourself; are you ever arrogant, rude, dismissive, complacent, and moody or negative? Do you have the level of maturity and genuine humility necessary to face the biggest challenge of all - working on yourself ?

A series of personal achievements, however small, will inevitably begin to eliminate negativity and build a more secure and positive attitude. One of the greatest things about life is that you can always have more because you can always become more.

Personal Development is not easy but it is truly worth the time and effort; a worthy investment for 2013.

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