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How to battle invasive knotweed plant


THE Cork Branch of the Irish Wildlife Trust has joined forces with IRD Duhallow in a bid to combat invasive plant species such as Himalayan Balsam and Japanese Knotweed.

The trust, in conjunction with IRD Duhallow's Life Project, have organised a joint workshop to educate the public on how to prevent invasive species threatening biodiversity in the region.

The workshop will include a welcome by Michael Doyle, who is chair of the IRD Duhallow Environmental Working Group. In addition, Aideen Kane of the Irish Wildlife Trust's Cork branch will also be present.

Project scientist Kieran Murphy will give a presentation on the techniques developed by IRD Duhallow Life project to remove the Himalayan Balsam without the use of sprays or chemicals.

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Project co-ordinator, Dr Fran Igoe will speak on the new IRD Duhallow EU Raptor Life project, which will start in January 2015. This is a new programme, which aims to remove invasive species along the upper Blackwater.

The Irish Wildlife Trust ecologist, Dr Isobel Abbott will explain how to take art in the Cork Knotweed project, which aims to map the distribution of the invasive Japanese Knotweed in Cork as well as raising awareness to help prevent it from spreading further.

The presentation will be held at the James O'Keeffe Institute in Newmarket on Wednesday, October 1 and the cost will be €4, which includes a light lunch. It will start at 10.30am and wrap up at around 3pm.