Sunday 22 April 2018

Fined for 'littering' at recycling bring bank

A chara, I received a letter from the Newmarket County Council office last week. It materialised that the litter offence my husband has been accused of resulted from the fact that he added extra bottles to those that have already been placed at the foot of the overflowing bottle bank at The Bring Site, West End, Newmarket.

I was informed that a number of these letters have been issued, stating possible penalties of up to €150 - €3,000. I didn't see any warning of such fines nor was I looking for one.

Both my husband and I are fully compliant taxpayers. We have paid the household and septic tank charges, to name but a few, and when the bottle bank is overflowing, as often it has been, we place our glass neatly on the ground beside the appropriate bin to try and accommodate the county council.

So to be labelled and fined €150 for littering infuriates me.

The onus is on Cork County Council to make sure that the assigned recycling facilities (however few) are functional and customer friendly, thus encouraging and educating people to start and hopefully continue to recycle in order to provide a clean and healthy environment for everyone.

I strongly feel that if a fine should be issued, it would be to Cork County Council.

Unfortunately, if I am forced to do my recycling in the next town (Kanturk) I will also be forced to do my shopping there and, God knows, Newmarket could do with the business. Kind regards Ita Jones, Curraduff, Newmarket.