Monday 19 February 2018

Fascinating insight into history of local families

A NEW and fascinating compilation of family names associated with Kanturk district between 1550 and 1900 has been published on the Kanturk website.

This major archive is the work of Patrick O'Sullivan, and is intended as a complementary body of work to his recent book, 'Where Dalua Rolls Its Flood Along: An Historical Profile of Kanturk 1550-1900'

This very scholarly work was published by Kanturk Community Council last November and has proven to be very popular.

The information in the compilation is assembled from 12 different sources from between 1550 and 1900, including state and estate papers, surveys and valuations, newspapers, journals and directories, and such like.

This will be a hugely valuable resource for those researching their family backgrounds, for students and for the general public with an interest in this area.

For example, under the heading of 'Merchants and Tradesmen', the text informs us that in 1824 Kanturk had three harness makers, four nail-makers, six drapers, five leather-sellers, two 'dyers and scourers', three coopers, eight carpenters, six shoemakers, six bakers, and two apothecaries.

The compilation can be seen in the 'Historic Kanturk' section of the Kanturk website (

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