Wednesday 21 February 2018

Farmers take to the riverbank


Timmy Lynch

THE catchy song 'Gone Fishing' is apt when describing a group of novice fisherman as they soaked up the atmosphere and fun along the River Allow.

Fran Igoe of the EU Life + project at IRD Duhallow said the aim of the new programme is to bring the enjoyment of angling to local people.

"Many landowners who have land bordering the River Allow have never had the opportunity to fish, despite living and working close to the river. This is not unusual in Ireland, as it is often people who come in from other areas who have been exposed to the art of fishing, rather than the landowners themselves," said Mr Igoe.

The project floated the idea of providing angling classes for landowners at a recent information meeting and great interest was shown.

Angling instructor Tom Ankettell of the Duhallow Angling Centre of Excellence, along with Dennis Cronin of Kanturk Trout Fishing club outlined the basics of fly fishing before bringing the participants down to the river to fish. Also on board was Denis O'Leary, Kieran Murphy and Nuala Riordan.

Mr Igoe said great fun was had casting lines, losing flies, untangling knots and causing the odd splash.

The best catches of the day were by Marjorie O'Regan who caught two trout and by Jerry O'Callaghan who nabbed an 11 inch trout.

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