Thursday 22 March 2018

Even talking about abortion remains a sensitive issue

IN the wake of the death of Savita Halappanavar, and the national outcry calling for the government to finally enact legislation, The Corkman took to the streets to gauge reaction locally.

While abortion, and the legal cases and referenda sorrounding it, have been fiercly sensitive and divisive, the death of Savita Halappanavar has galvanised public opinion like never before. For our vox pop, we said to people: 'We're asking people's reactions to the death of Savita Halappanavar and asking ' has the government delayed legislating on the issue of abortion for too long?'

However, on the street many people were still reluctant to respond to this question 'on the record'. In fact, having put the question to up to 40 people across Duhallow last weekend only one person would respond; showing how senstive the subject remains. Neither were there any responses in Mid- Cork

Meanwhile, here are some of the responses we received in Mallow: Anonymous: "It was a costly mistake and we the taxpaper will pay the price as usual" Tom Houghton, Mallow: "It was desperate but it is time for change as it seems to be a very grey area for the medical profession" Anonymous: "it was and is the doctor's decision at the end of the day" Anonymous: "It's a woman's right to choose and men should learn to mind their own business" Anonymous: "them Indians and blacks should learn to put up and shut up; they get way to much out of our government and it's time it all stopped" Anonymous: "The media are to blame for making it into more than it is, and due to this it's bad PR for Ireland" Terri O'Gorman: "A ladies life was lost when, if there had been proper laws in the country, it might have been saved" Con Buckley .. was very shocked over the story, and felt the government are avoiding the issue and it has also not made Ireland looked good to the rest of the world Anonymous: "very saddend that it can happen in modern day Ireland" Jenny Griffin: "It was awful what happened and hopefully the law of the land will be sorted out for women of the future"