Wednesday 15 August 2018

Dromtariffe maintains ages old tradition on Well Day

John Tarrant

Glorious weather greeted patrons attending the annual Dromtariffe 'Well Day' celebration on its traditional May 6 staging.

Situated near the old Dromtariffe church and graveyard, the day is synonymous with Dromtariffe people far and wide.

The Inion Buí Well is dedicated to Saint Inghne Bhuidhe. According to tradition, she is said to be the daughter of the pagan god Buidhe. Additionally, the well has connections with Laitiaran Well in Cullen, Holy Trinity Well in Newmarket and St. Lassar's Well at Killasseragh.

Going back many generations, hundreds convened at the well from many parts of the south west region by bicycles, horse, carriages and carts. A carnival atmosphere was generated on a Pattern Day each May 6 with numerous traders in attendance on approach roads. To fulfill tradition, the custom was to recite decades of the Rosary while walking clockwise around the well.

The water was sampled and rags seeking a cure for an ailment were hung on a whitethorn tree where, as the rag rotted, the ailment was cured.

With the traditional May 6 date this year falling on a Sunday, normal mid morning Mass in Dromagh Church was transferred to the well, and was celebrated by Fr. Bart O'Doherty in the presence of a large attendance.