Wednesday 21 February 2018

Donal's garden attracts a visitor from afar

The Waxwing
The Waxwing


A WAXWING bird, which usually calls Scandanavia home, has been spotted happily perched in a garden in Kanturk.

Kay Deady of Duhallow Birdwatch Group told The Corkman that the unusual visitor had taken a shine to Donal Galvin's garden at St Theresa's Place.

The waxwing was perched on an apple tree after feasting on berries in Donal's garden. Apparently, the waxwing bird has been visiting for many weeks.

However, home for this visiting bird is the pine forests of Scandanavia. According to Kay, the beautifully coloured bird has been visiting Donal's garden regularly throughout the cold spell.

Mr Galvin's garden is jam packed with constant supply of peanuts, mixed seeds and sunflower seeds as well as three water fountains, which keeps the birds of Duhallow in chirpy form.

"This is my first time seeing a waxwing and what I couldn't believe was how tame the bird was," said Kay. "They tend to breed in the pine forests but as the berry supply is bad they are now moving and simply following the supply."


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