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Children bring us the spirit of Christmas


AS the boss once crooned, "you had better watch out, you better not cry ... ".

These words were very much on the monds of so many little ones as they set about compiling their lists for what they want Santa bringing down the chimney.

This year, again, The Corkman got a number of Santa letters which, after we copied them to our computer system, were then promptly posted to the North Pole.

And again this year, despite being in a world of gizmos and gadgets, children were still very keen on getting books for Christmas along with the old time favourite, Lego.

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The little nippers most definitely had their thinking hats on this year.

Edwin Collins of Kiskeam NS, who is a twin, said he had "tried his best to be good this year." He asked for a bicycle and a helmet, but most probably he foresaw a looming argument with his twin, Conrad, and he cleverly asked for different coloured bikes.

TJ Cronin, also of Kiskeam NS, was also very frank in his offering of cookies and milk to Santa and his reindeers. TJ told Santa that there was milk in the fridge and extra carrots for the reindeers. "Take them all if you want, because I don't like them," stated TJ.

While almost every letter offered milk and cookies, Julia Quinn upped the game, and offered the hard stuff - whiskey. However, Eaba Sheahan of Dromagh NS, got right down to business and asked Santa, "would you like the usual ... or hot chocolate?."

Sammy O'Sullivan, another Kiskeam pupil, is a man after some land. He asked for cows, fields and a round feeder for his farm.

Fellow student, TJ Quinn also had farming on his mind - as he asked for "a slurry spreader for inside and outside," as well as a silage trailer and a surprise.

Little Malgosia Sznczyk of Convent Primary NS in Kanturk asked if she could go to the North Pole and then inquired if the climate was hot or cold. She also asked if Santa had any elves named Malgosia - as that was her name.

Ciara Linehan also of the Convent Primary NS wrote a very long and detailed letter to Santa. She wanted to know if Santa was busy as well as what kind of cookies and milk would he like. She was clearly wanting to know if Santa was a coeliac or perhaps lactose intolerant.

She finished off her letter by telling Santa if he heard that she had got a new penpal in Canada.

Regarding presents, Catherine Angland of Dromagh NS wants a "cat that can talk."

Other students told Santa to rest up and "take a break," after his long journey and perhaps the astute little nippers had the Working Time Act 1997 in mind whereby legislation safeguards rest periods. However, they were quick to remind Santa that they were already looking forward to writing to him next year.

In our Spirit of Christmas supplement we are reprising some great examples of what the children wrote to Santa this year. We are also bringing you a compendium of the many, many fantastic drawings by children for our Christmas art competition.

Aoife O'Connor, a Third Class pupil at Scoil Mhuire na TrĂ³caire, Buttevent and Patrick Gilbourne, a Senior Infants pupil at Presentation National School, Millstreet, were the winners of our competition. However, there were so many great drawings entered this year.

Over the coming pages we have just a sample of these. And between the art and the Santa letters they really do capture what the spirit of Christmas is for children on the eve of the big day.