Monday 21 October 2019

Book launch at the Kilmurry Museum

Bill Browne

The latest book from the pen of local historian and prolific author Michael Galvin will be launched on Tuesday, April 16, at 8pm in the Independence Museum, Kilmurry.

Entitled 'Kilmurry 1936-1938: Economic War and Blueshirts (Volume II)' it is the second book by Galvin on this particular period in local history following the 2017 publication of the first volume, which focussed on the years 1932 to 1935. 

The book, which will be launched by Dr Mervyn O'Driscoll, head of the School of History at UCC, takes an in-depth look at the issues relevant not just to Kilmurry and the surrounding area, but also to the entire nation as Europe moved inexorably towards the second World War.

Chief among these being the negotiations that brought a settlement to the economic war between Ireland and the UK, the demise of the Blueshirt movement and the power of the Catholic Church and the effect this had on the social life of the times.

Other topics addressed in the book include the Labour movement, the impact of the Spanish Civil War and the threat that the IRA and the Blueshirts represented to Eamon de Valera's government. 

On a more local level, it delves into the regional socio-economic conditions of the time, focussing in particular on the severe hardship experienced by rural communities due to the agricultural depression associated with the economic war.

In the book, Galvin also describes how sporting and recreational events continued despite the hardships of the times and considers the importance of commemorations, political meetings and resolutions made by rural organisations during the period. 

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