Saturday 24 March 2018

Big changes in local politics will deprive us of the great drama of election counts

THE new Local Government changes which will kick in in 2014 will change the whole scenario of local politics as we know it when the Town Council elections areno more.

People had varying opinions on Town Councils and the powers of those councillors elected but it must be said that most councillors did work hard on behalf of the community and made their voices heard on many issues.

The Town Council was also the spring board for many young enthusiatic people who wished to lead a life as a politician and promote themselves to County and eventually to a seat in Dail Eireann.

What will be dearly missed is the Mallow Town Council election count, which was always held at the School Hall in St. Patrick's Boys National School. This was always a nail-biter of a day for both candidates and supporters, which ended with so much celebration and heartache. For the future the now seven County Councillors elected for the Mallow area will have to look after town affairs as well as representing people in the greater Mallow area.