Monday 22 January 2018

Anti-social behaviour is a job for the Gardai

A Chara, I am writing in response to personal comments made by Deputy Barry, in his letter in The Corkman of October 25, which claims that I was attempting to ' make cheap political gain' when I responded to his comments on anti-social behaviour.

It is very obvious to me, from Deputy Barry's initial comments to The Corkman on October 11, that he is referring to local authority estates, particularly in view of the fact that he:

1. Called for the establishment of a council housing review body,

2. Called for individuals to be ' kicked out'

3. Stated, 'people who behave this way do not have the right to a house'

I am happy to read from his letter that Deputy Barry clarifies the fact that anti-social behaviour can be a problem 'not just on local authority housing estates but also on private estates'.

The original article referred to specific instances of anti-social behaviour, including the intimidation and physical abuse of children, substance abuse, graffiti, and criminal damage to cars and property.

Deputy Barry's suggestion to address this behaviour is to establish a council housing review body. However, it is my opinion that such criminal activity is far beyond the control of the local authorities.

I have no hesitation in stating my belief that such behaviour should be addressed through An Gardaí Síochana. I firmly believe that anti-social behaviour needs to be addressed, no matter where it occurs, and anyone who knows me will agree that I was certainly not trying to gain anything politically from the questions I raised on this issue. Your sincerely, Cllr Ronan Sheehan, 25 Willowbank, Mallow

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