Tuesday 18 June 2019

Young scholars get to the art of the matter with success

Maria Herlihy

A leading national art competition resulted in two wins for the Rebel county as both Cullen NS and Clondulane NS in Fermoy have now been put forward for a national title.

The competition's theme, 'Someone Like Me' was supported by the National Disability Authority. It aims to promote disability awareness and nurture the understanding among primary school students and to highlight the similarities that exist within people of all abilities. 

Cullen NS was named the junior county winner with their project, entitled 'Inside We're All The Same' which featured work from pupils from first, second and third class. 

The art depicted a group of people and coloured eggs highlighting that although everyone looks different - inside everyone is similar with comparable needs and everyone must be respected. The pupils were guided on their submission by teacher Hannah Kelleher. 

For Clondulane NS in Fermoy, they were named the senior county winners. Their project was entitled 'Even Though We Look Different, We All Have a Heart,' and this was the work by sixth class pupil, Maja Suszczynska. 

The art work depicted the strong message of inclusivity and the importance of love and respect for everyone. The work was overseen by teacher Lisa Daly. 

There were over 2,400 entries for the competition. More than 600,000 people in Ireland have a disability and children under 15 make up 53,000 of that figure. 

Both Cullen and Clondulane NS will now go on to compete with 45 other schools from around the country for the overall national, 'Someone like me' award. 

The competition which offers a range of prizes up to the value of €750 was open to all primary school pupils from junior infants to sixth class and 2,400 entries were received from individual pupils, class groups and whole schools right across Ireland.