Monday 22 July 2019

Wine buffs in for a 'grape' night out in Mitchelstown

Bill Browne

Lovers of fermented grape juice are set to be led on a wonderful 'Wine Goose Chase' for one very special evening on Saturday week at the St George's Arts and Heritage Centre in Mitchelstown.

When the centre opened its doors to the public a few short weeks ago its committee chair Bill Power promised The Corkman that people visiting the historic former church would be given the chance to sample an eclectic array of exciting experiences. 

It's next event is set to deliver on that ambitious pledge in spades. 

"The Wine Goose Chase will deliver wine, music and history - all the ingredients needed for a great night out," promised Bill. 

Written and performed by Susan Boyle, the one woman theatrical experience, which fuses interactive wine sampling with music and story-telling in a warm intimate setting, has been universally praised by critics with the Irish Times calling it 'a five star experience.... a delightful hour of wine tasting and history'. 

"For wine lovers this show is a tasting experience of a totally different kind. Beginning at 8pm, the audience will taste, explore and immerse themselves in wines and brandy with an Irish connection. Most importantly, people do not need to be wine experts to enjoy the show," said Bill. 

He said audience members will have the opportunity to put their senses to use and hopefully leave with a "new insight to a drink that has been part of Ireland's history for much longer than we might think."

"Susan Boyle loves wine. What's more she knows what she's drinking and talking about. She's got 2,000 years of Irish wine history to back her up. So, sit back, let her pour you a glass while she takes you on a trip with the tenacious Irish people who transformed the wine world and didn't let coming from a grape-free land stop them," said Bill. 

With over 15 years as a wine consultant and taster, Susan and her show has inspired a shop dedicated to wines with Irish roots in Terminal 1 at Dublin Airport.

'A Wine Goose Chase had a successful sell-out run at the ABSOLUT Dublin Fringe Festival and has been touring the country ever since  Susan Boyle will not be the only wine expert on hand during the show, with local businessman Patrick Mulcahy of Ballinwillin House and Farm, also set to share his love of wine. 

"While Ballinwillin farm is nationally renowned for his venison and wild boar products, some may not be aware that Patrick and his family have decades of experience growing and producing their own wine range, Chateau Mulcahy, from their vineyards in Hungary," said Bill. 

"Patrick and Miriam Mulcahy regularly host wine tastings in their wine cellar at Ballinwillin House. They are always an enjoyable events and their hospitality, ready wit and story telling ability will ensure the St George's experience retains the intimacy of those tastings," he added. 

In addition to wines from the Mulcahy's Hungarian vineyards, people will also get to sample some of the Ballinwillin culinary delights expertly paired to each wine in a complete 'feast for the senses'. 

Tickets for 'A Wine Goose Chase', priced at €25 are available from the Arts Centre and the following local businesses: The Favourite & Scullery, The Treasure Chest, Flowers by Una, Reidy's Kitchen Garden and Diva.