Monday 19 February 2018

Wednesday 8.00pm RTE1

In theory, Judith is in the unusual position of being able to have her cake and eat it – she gets to play happy families at home, and then sneak off for assignations with her brotherin-law, all with her husband's reluctant blessing.

But this week, it becomes clear that her unconventional domestic arrangements can't go on for ever, when Tommy discovers she's broken their ground rules by letting Luke come to the house. As her husband snipes at her about her recklessness and lack of discretion, Judith insists she's going to see Luke on her own terms.

However, with her lover pressuring her to make a real commitment, she feels like she's losing control of both relationships. So, when Tommy schemes to drive a wedge between his wife and his brother, will Judith finally make a decision?

Elsewhere, Paul is unhappy with the way Rachel is spending her inheritance, but Niamh thinks the teen should be allowed to keep her expensive new handbag – mainly because she wants to borrow it.

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