Sunday 25 February 2018

Wed 7.30pm TV3 & 7.00pm UTV

Lewis's plan to drive a wedge between Gail and her family finally pays off as the charmer's fling with the smitten Mrs McIntyre is exposed.

Audrey had hoped she could sort out her family's assorted problems in the Rovers, but when Gail fails to show, she heads to the Platts', and is gobsmacked to find her own daughter has fallen for her ex. Worse still, Gail's willing to borrow money against her house to live the dream in Italy. Big mistake.

Following the latest argument at No 9, Kirsty falls down stairs, and while recovering in hospital claims Tyrone is a dangerous and violent bully, hiding the fact that she would happily batter him just for receiving a friendly text or a birthday card.

Dobbs is taken in for questioning and rightly protests his innocence. Eventually his spirits are lifted when his solicitor tells him he can arrange a supervised visit to see Ruby.

Sophie makes a sacrifice for Jenna to try to save her job, and the physio admits to her dad, Lloyd, that she has feelings for Ms Webster. Later Jenna hears the result of her tribunal.

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