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Vincent exhibits in Brussels


vincent crotty

vincent crotty

vincent crotty


KANTURK artist Vincent Crotty, who is based in Boston, is currently exhibiting his work in the Art and Photographic Exhibition in Brussels.

The exhibition opened on March 7 and will run to April 28 at Halle St-Gery in Brussels, the cultural heartbeat of the city. This is the single biggest non-governmental cultural programme during Ireland's EU presidency and Vincent says he is "delighted and extremely honoured to be involved in such a prestigious event.

To exhibit with such great artists as Ken Browne, Philip Gray and Bill Griffin, who I admire greatly, is thrilling to say the least," he said.

'The Gallery Kinsale' is proud to represent its home county - together with other counties - in showcasing Ireland in the exhibition, which is a voluntary initiative. The gallery has invested substantially in the project and is showcasing approximately €200,000 worth of contemporary Irish fine art in the exhibition. The artists in the exhibition are: Philip Gray, Vincent Crotty, Jimmy Lawlor, Bill Griffin, Mia Funk, Desmond Downes, Annemarie Bourke, Katarzyna Gajewska, Ken Browne.

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