Tuesday 23 January 2018

Thursday 7.30pm RTE1 & BBC1

While Max and Tanya face some big decisions about their future, Zainab remains blissfully unaware that her own engagement to her ex-husband is under threat from her lodger Ayesha.

Instead, she concentrates on her application for the regional manager's position, even asking Masood to give her a mock interview if it will give her the edge over her chief rival Denise. But despite her own ambitions to run the Minute Mart empire, when Ayesha tells her that she's thinking of calling off her engagement to go to university and pursue her own career, Zainab tells her she would be stupid to let a man like Rashid slip through her fingers.

Ayesha is hurt, but seeing as it was Masood who encouraged her to study in the first place, she also sees it as a sign that the couple are basically unsuited. Seizing her moment, she informs Masood that Zainab will never love him like she does – and she knows he feels the same way about her. Is Zainab about to lose her husband-to-be again?

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