Friday 17 November 2017

Thursday 7.00pm TV3 & UTV

She's already won the battle for David's affections, and now it looks like Priya is also going to beat Alicia to the job at Home Farm. However, in a noble act of self-sacrifice, Priya tells Megan she doesn't want the position, and recommends her love rival instead. Not only is Alicia thrilled she's got the job, but David is delighted for her – leaving Priya wondering if her boyfriend values his wife's happiness above hers.

The shopkeeper tries to put his girlfriend's mind at ease by assuring her that given the choice, she's the one he'd like to be married to. Unfortunately, his words work a little too well, as Priya jumps to the conclusion that he's just proposed.

Instead of putting her straight, David goes along with the mistake, even letting her share the happy news with the rest of the Sharmas. But if he's taken aback to find that he's engaged, it's nothing compared to how Alicia and Jacob feel when they hear of it.

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