Thursday 13 December 2018

The top ten chart this week in 1988

Enya: 'Orinoco Flow' spent three weeks at the top of the UK charts
Enya: 'Orinoco Flow' spent three weeks at the top of the UK charts

Enya, who started her career playing keyboards in her family's band Clannad, is among the best selling artists of all time.

The Donegal singer's estimated 75 million in sales places her alongside the likes of The Police, Nirvana, Robbie Williams and Bob Marley in the rankings. 'Orinoco Flow', the lead single from Enya's second album 'Watermark', marked her international breakthrough.

It remains her only number one single in the UK where it spent three weeks on top. While the song is thought to have been inspired by the Orinoco River which flows across South America, the title is also a reference to Orinoco Studios in London where the Watermark album was recorded.

Rob Dickins, who signed Enya to WEA Records and was executive producer on 'Watermark' gets a mention in the lines: 'We can steer, we can near, with Rob Dickins at the wheel'.

He says he 'didn't notice the lyric until they printed the album. It was embarrassing. But when it went to number one I thought, "I'm in the lyric of a number one song, how fabulous". All these years later, if I hear that line "Rob Dickins at the wheel" I can't help smiling.'

1 Orinoco Flow  Enya

2 Je Ne Said Pas Pourquoi  Kylie Minogue

3 Girl You Know It's True  Milli Vanilli

4 Stand Up For Your Love Rights  Yazz

5 Kiss  Art of Noise ft Tom Jones

6 One Moment In Time  Whitney Houston

7 We Can It Acieed  D Mob ft Gary Haisman

8 She Makes My Day  Robert Palmer

9 Wee Rule  Wee Papa Girl Rappers

10 A Little Respect  Weezer