Wednesday 17 January 2018

TG4 recalls history of Mallow painter Paul Kane

The popular TG4 weekly show Irish Paint Magic has plenty to celebrate on next Monday when the 200th episode of the 30 minute show will be transmitted at 7pm as a one hour special.

 Earlier in the year a TG4 crew followed presenter David Willis around his home town of Mallow, recording well known landmarks and interviewing local people.

The show is dedicated to Mallow painter Paul Kane who was born in the town in 1810. His father was in the British forces and Paul was christianed in the old St. Ann's Church of Ireland Church which still stands behind the present St. James' Church. At a young age the Kane family emigrated to the U.S and it was in North America that Kane became world renowned. In 1841 he returned to Europe for four years to study art and portrait painting in Paris and on his return to the US the Kane family moved to Canada.

Kane travelled by river with the Hudson Bay Fur Company to various remote areas of Canada where he befriended many chiefs from various Indian tribes and spent his time sketching people and their activities. In the 1860s Kane lost his sight and died in 1871 at the age of 61. Paul Kane was buried in St. James' in Toronto.

On Monday evening all homes will be switching to TG4 to watch a show which will have an international flavour and full of Mallow folklore. We wish David many more years on Irish Paint Magic.


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