Saturday 18 November 2017

Temptress Ayesha posts her intention


Thursday 7.30pm RTE1 & BBC1

Zainab appears to love him in her own, unique way and Jane Beale was briefly charmed by him, but is Masood really so irresistible that a young, beautiful woman like Ayesha would feel compelled to throw herself at him?

AJ certainly doesn't think so as he tells his brother that there's no way Ayesha would fancy a middleaged postman and her attempts to play footsie with him under the dinner table were probably just a joke.

Masood thinks this sounds more plausible, and tells his house guest to stop playing games and concentrate on Rashid. Once over her humiliation, Ayesha decides she's been a bit too subtle and, wearing nothing but a towel, makes a move on Masood that leaves him in absolutely no doubt that she's serious.

Meanwhile, an oblivious Zainab is busily preparing for the Imam's visit to discuss her upcoming wedding, but at this rate, will Masood feel comfortable talking about his vows?

Fair City

Wednesday 8.00pm RTE1

Little wonder Judith forgets Caoimhe's birthday – she's too busy leading a double life to pay much attention to dates. Tommy is quick to exploit her memory lapse, encouraging her to cancel her plans with Luke so she can make it up to Caoimhe with a family dinner. Naturally, Luke is not pleased, and pressures Judith not to let him slide down to the bottom of her list of priorities.

However, when he then claims she's letting Tommy manipulate her 'weak spot', the doctor takes offence, upset he would see her love for her children as a flaw. Has Luke effectively pushed Judith back into her husband's arms?

Arrangements are also getting complicated chez Dermot, as he tries to be civil to Jo for Ben's sake, despite his fears that they may be stirring the lad's hopes about a reconciliation. Eddie approaches Wayne and Paul separately about an investment, and Orla tries to prove that she is management material – but unfortunately, her big promotional idea puts McCoys' licence at risk.

Coronation Street

Wednesday 7.30pm TV3 & UTV

The right information in the wrong hands can force people to do terrible things. Just take Lewis and Kylie as a case in point.

When the charming con man discovers Nick might be the father of her baby (while covertly obtaining Gail's bank details in the Bistro), he promises to keep her secret safe – as long as she gets him Gail's bank account log-in and password. With little choice she agrees, and that sets in motion a chain of events that threatens to ruin the Platts.

When Gail learns the truth about Lewis, memories of her mum's ordeal return to haunt her, so she calls the bank, fearing she has lost everything. Matters take a more unusual turn when David and Kylie bemoan their housing situation, so Audrey has a surprise proposition which could see Gail pushed out of her own home.

Meanwhile, Tracy talks Rob into a date and a job offer. Carla is fuming when she finds out, but eventually relents, giving the ex-con a chance. And Tracy's face is a picture when she starts work in packing – for Kirk.

Elsewhere, Tyrone's life goes from bad to worse as the locals start to believe Kirsty's lies about him beating her up instead of the true, polar opposite, version. Little wonder he's outraged when his solicitor encourages him to plead guilty to the made-up charges. But then psycho Soames suggests they move back in together and start afresh!

And while Owen and Anna forbid Faye from seeing Tim, Sophie and Jenna enjoy a date at the Bistro, and Sylvia returns from America.


Wednesday 6.30pm Ch4

Good friends that they are, Ash and Barney organise a party for Will. However, what with the Savages and the McQueens around, they ought to have realised that things wouldn't go to plan.

The students sneak Will out of the hospital, dressing him up as an old woman. While at the party Will couldn't be happier, but it's not long before chaos descends, when the McQueens start a bar brawl and end up arrested.

Elsewhere, Brendan makes a bold decision about his and Ste's future – little knowing an old enemy has scores he's fixed on settling…


Wednesday 7.00pm TV3 & UTV

With the Dingles threatening to boycott Molly's christening if she's to be a godmother, Bernice putting pressure on her to sell the pub, and Sean throwing stones at her, it's little wonder Chas is considering selling up and leaving.

But then just as she reaches her lowest ebb, Cameron returns. Once Chas has finished having a go at him for not getting in touch, he tells the landlady she shouldn't let a bunch of hypocrites drive her from her

home – and then proves he intends to support her in the future by proposing.

She accepts, but the news goes down very badly with the Dingles. Cain certainly isn't happy with the idea of having Cameron as a brother-in-law and ends up brawling with him in the garage, where Chas is knocked over...

Meanwhile, an unpopular choice of godmother isn't Gennie's only problem as she prepares for the christening, and Katie isn't sure she can face it as she struggles to come to terms with her own infertility. And Belle is uncomfortable when Lisa marches her to the doctor's to discuss contraception.

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