Thursday 14 December 2017

Streetscapes of Mallow and other Fantastical Beasts!

Students at the Patrician Academy in Mallow have been working hard in preparation for their eagerly anticipated annual art exhibition.

This year the talented artists have taken a magical journey through the Streetscapes of Mallow under the expert tuition of Mrs Regina Glynn.

She introduced the pupils into the art project, teaching them how to draw buildings, noting intricacies such as proportions, eye-level perspectives and a host of other handy elements.

Mary Sleeman, an archaeology expert with Cork County Council also gave the pupils an inspiring talk on the history of buildings dating back to the stone age, linking these with many of the fine buildings in Mallow town.

Mrs Glynn said it was stimulating to hear how Mallow had developed as a town over the years.

"This can be appreciated in the very fine architecture we see in the town today such as the Clock House, Mallow Castle and the Spa Terrace," she said.

Ms Sleeman also took the students on a tour of the town, offering them a further insight into the some of the finer architectural details that are unique to Mallow such as bay windows and the number of laneways feeding into the Main Street. Along the way they sketched and painted many fine buildings they came across. Recently, a new wooden sculpture of a dragon was created in the grounds of Mallow Castle and it was decided that the students would create their own dragons.

"The results are imaginative, colourful painted dragons which swoop and fly through the Mallow Library," said Mrs Glynn.

People will get the chance to see these creations for themselves when an exhibition of the students works is launch today (Thursday) at 5.30pm.

The exhibition, entitled 'Streetscapes of Mallow and Fantastical Beasts', will be formally opened by architect Kevin O'Keeffe.

The music students, who have been practising their repertoire diligently under the watchful eye of their teacher Mrs Holey, will also play a selection of tunes at the launch.


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