Wednesday 20 March 2019

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Clayton gets into the back of the car and orders Shona to follow his
instructions and drive in Coronation Street
Clayton gets into the back of the car and orders Shona to follow his instructions and drive in Coronation Street

Coronation Street: David is furious when he discovers that Shona attempted to supply drugs to Clayton and that someone broke into the house. David is stunned and orders her to pack up and get out.

As Shona climbs in David's car, Clayton gets into the back and orders her to follow his instructions and drive.

Meanwhile, Kevin accompanies Gina to The Rovers and explains to Sally, Tim, Beth and Carla that he mistakenly took the party money and Gina is entirely innocent. Kevin begs Gina to think twice about leaving and offers her a bed at Number 13 for as long as she likes. Gina is grateful.

Elsewhere, Gemma assures Rita that Paul will soon be out of her hair as he's hoping for a place at the new bail hostel. Claudia is appalled to hear they're going to have a bail hostel on their doorstep and Billy despairs at her lack of charity.

Also, when Cathy and an apologetic Brian explain how they spilt coffee over Daniel's laptop and fear his essay is gone forever, Sinead is unfazed and reckons Daniel will have backed up his work on the cloud. Having restored Daniel's essay, Brian is relieved.


Kat goes against Jean's wishes and tells Stacey the truth. Stacey urges Jean to go for the tests straight away, as Shirley listens in to the tense conversation. Stacey is adamant that Jean needs an appointment straight away and Kat has an idea to make it happen.

Later on, Jean becomes overwhelmed by everyone's fuss - including Shirley wanting to know why she kept it quiet. After hearing Kat and Stacey talking about her, Jean packs a bag and heads off to the Tube station.

Meanwhile, Jay messes up twice with Ruby, which leaves her upset.

Elsewhere, Rainie taunts Stuart about his admissions during the Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Furious that she was eavesdropping, Stuart urges Rainie not to tell Dot what she heard.

Also, Mitch promises to find the money for Bailey's school trip.


Debbie fears the results of her actions when she realises that Kerry has got social services involved.

Meanwhile, Jacob is worried when Maya sees Liv kiss him.

Jacob is nervous but excited as Maya leads him up to his bedroom.

Thrown by the visual reminders of Jacob's youth, an uneasy Maya makes her excuses and leaves the bedroom.

Meanwhile, determined to find information on Amy, Kerry sneaks into Pollard's barn. Will she find what she's looking for?

Elsewhere, Cain's fears continue to mount.

Fair City

Will's mind games have a destructive impact on Phoebe and Mairead's relationship, and Doug refuses to take the blame when a business deal goes awry in the garage.

A deceitful Paul breaks his promise with dire consequences for Callum. When Mairead confronts Will over his meddling, a disappointed Cristiano dishes out a few home truths. Orla takes Wayne to task over taking his frustrations out on Doug, while Sharon intervenes when Lee and Hayley clash over his underhanded tactics.