Tuesday 18 June 2019

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Brian becomes a bigger part of the performance than expected in Coronation Street
Brian becomes a bigger part of the performance than expected in Coronation Street

EastEnders: Alfie tries to reassure Kat as she continues to open up over Maurice's claims.

Later on, Kat is shocked to find Alfie with Maurice at the Slater house. Kat wants to leave, but Alfie suggests she should listen to what Maurice has to say.

Meanwhile, Jean breaks the news to the choir that they won't be part of the upcoming competition because Morag missed the deadline to apply. They decide to have a carol concert regardless.

Elsewhere, Alfie has an idea when Bev turns up and wants somewhere to stay.

Also, Ruby lets Stacey believe that she doesn't want to attend Matt and Ross's first court hearing, but she actually intended to go all along.


When Brian is sent home for exhaustion by Phil during the nativity's final run-through, he drowns his sorrows in The Rovers but he decides he has every right to watch the show, so drunkenly sneaks in to the back of the hall with Cathy.

David, Shona, Mary, Maria, Kevin and Tyrone are also in the audience, while Phil paints himself a hero to the governors. When Jack spots Brian, he, Liam and the others revert to the rap version of the play, which is a resounding success.

Jealous Phil calls Brian up on stage but as Brian takes a bow, Phil hitches his belt to the Angel Gabriel's harness and hoists him in the air.

Meanwhile, Rana confronts Adam and is unforgiving. She agrees to talk to Kate calmly, but Kate is stung when Rana confirms they are over.

Elsewhere, Sophie calls at Number 4 and is resentful of Gina and Tim's cosy set-up. Sophie is gutted when Paula rejects the idea of launching an appeal and presents her with a bill running into thousands of pounds. Sophie suggests that Tim should sell his half of Street Cars.

Also, a hungover Jenny arrives home after staying out all night. Johnny invites Jenny for lunch, but she gives him short shrift. Johnny invites Kate to move into The Rover


As Debbie leaves for court the Dingles are hopeful she will return, but it's very clear that none of them believe it. Sarah, meanwhile, is at the end of her proverbial - so herself and Granny Faith break into Home Farm. Jacob tells Ellis about his girl problems and, concerned, Ellis tells David about Jacob seeing an older girl. Daz confesses to Amelia that he was responsible for the hit-and-run; Nicola serves some eviction notices; Graham beds Megan; and secret plans are afoot in the village!


Carol is conflicted when (new best mate) Shard'n confronts her, urging her to keep daughter Hayley out of her unfinished business with Robbie. In light of their recent kiss, who will Robbie choose? Melanie nears breaking point after Hughie almost catches her kipping in the laundrette, and as Renée trills about Heather's imminent arrival (yes, she's back!), Bob reckons Jim could derail his perfect Christmas.