Saturday 16 December 2017



6.15 Teleshopping. Home shopping. 8.15 Charmed. 11.00 The Best of Ireland AM. Weekly round-up of entertainment news. 12.30 American Idol. American talent show presented by Ryan Seacrest. 3.00 The Steve Wilkos Show. 4.50 Uploaded: Bytesize. Extraordinary internet videos. 5.00 Bridezillas. Women plan their weddings. 6.00 The Biggest Loser UK and Ireland. Davina McCall hosts the fat-fighting contest. 7.00 The Big Bang Theory. 9.00 The Cube. A student and a Geordie mother take part. 10.00 Take Me Out. A former rocker, a postman, a plumber and an accountant take part. 11.15 Uploaded. 12.15 Conan. Talk show, hosted by Conan O'Brien. 1.10 Xposé. 1.55-5.40 Teleshopping. Buying goods from the comfort of home.


6.00 Hour of Power. Religious service, with the Rev Robert Schuller. 7.00 Lion Man. 8.00 Luton Airport. 9.00 Road Wars. An innovative supermarket thief is caught. 10.00 WWE Superstars. A round-up of all the latest wrestling news. 11.00 WWE: Experience. The latest from Raw and Smackdown. 12.00 Futurama. 2.00 Chris & Wes: Let's Do This. 3.30 A League of Their Own. 5.00 The Simpsons. 6.00 Got to Dance: Auditions. The final auditions. 7.00 The Simpsons. 8.00 CHOICE Glee. Artie persuades Finn to help direct the school production of Grease. 9.00 Hawaii Five-0. A nursing student is cut to pieces, and the team suspects the killer is selling human organs on the black market – but the autopsy reveals something much more sinister. 10.00 NCIS: Los Angeles. Part one of two. Deeks and Kensi go undercover at a dog show. 11.00-2.00 Brit Cops: Frontline Crime UK.


6.00 Bread. 7.00 Yes Minister. 8.20 Bread. 9.00 Porridge. 9.00 Royle Exclusive: Behind the Sofa. 11.10 The Royle Family: The Queen of Sheba. 12.25-2.05 Royle Family Portraits.

Sky Living

6.00 Nothing to Declare. 7.00 Maury. 8.00 Drop Dead Diva. 9.00 Ghost Whisperer. 10.00 RSPCA Animal Rescue. 11.00 The Biggest Loser USA. 1.00 Fat Families: Second Helpings. 2.00 Nothing to Declare. 4.00 The Love Machine. 5.00 The Love Machine: Love Bites. 6.00 Nothing to Declare. 8.00 Jerry Bruckheimer's Chase. 9.00 Women Behind Bars. 10.00 Grey's Anatomy. 11.00 Bones. 1.50-2.40 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Sky Atlantic

6.00 Seinfeld. 7.00 The British. The story of 20th-century Britain. Last in the series. 8.00 Team Sky and British Cycling: The Road to Glory. The future of the sport in Britain. Last in the series. 9.00 Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. 11.00 Richard E Grant's Hotel Secrets. 2.00 ER. 4.00 Blue Bloods. 7.00 Smash. Derek asks Karen to tutor Ivy. 8.00 The British. The story of 20th-century Britain. Last in the series. 9.00 FILM: Gia (1998) Fact-based drama, starring Angelina Jolie. 11.20 Girls. Elijah reveals a big secret on a night out with Hannah. 11.55 In Treatment. 1.05-2.05 Mad Men. Don and Betty take a trip to Rome.


6.00 World's Lost Tribes: The New Adventures of Mark and Olly. 7.00 Deadliest Catch. 8.00 Mythbusters. 12.00 Bear Grylls' How To Stay Alive. 1.00 A Day In The Life Of Bear Grylls. 2.00 Bear's Wild Weekend with Miranda. 3.00 Bear's Wild Weekend with Jonathan Ross. 4.00 How Do They Do It? 5.00 How It's Made. 6.00 Britain's Greatest Ships. 7.00 Disaster Eyewitness. 8.00 Licence to Drill. 9.00 Ice Pilots. 10.00 The Da Vinci Code: The True Story. 11.00 Battle Castle with Dan Snow. 12.00 Outlaw Empires. 1.00-2.00 Star Trek: The True Story.

National Geographic Channel

8.00 Draining the Ocean. 10.00 London's Olympic Stadium. The construction of the 80,000-seat Olympic Stadium. 11.00 Saxon Gold: New Secrets Revealed. The discovery of Anglo-Saxon treasure in Staffordshire in July 2009. 12.00 Thames Treasure Hunters. The work of modern mudlarks along the banks of the Thames. 1.00 Elizabeth I: The Secret Life. A look at the monarch's life. 2.00 Saxon Gold: New Secrets Revealed. The discovery of Anglo-Saxon treasure in Staffordshire in July 2009. 3.00 Elizabeth I: Killer Queen? Examining the death of the wife of Elizabeth I's alleged lover. 4.00 Bloody Tales of The Tower. 7.00 Devil's Bible. Scientists uncover the secrets of the Codex Gigas. 8.00 The King's War on Witches. The persecution of witches in England and Scotland during the 17th century. 9.00 Witch Hunter's Bible. A 15th-century handbook for inquisitors. 10.00 To Catch a Smuggler: JFK Airport. A man carrying 4kg of cocaine is detained. 11.00 UFOs: The Untold Stories. 12.00 Mystery 360. 1.00-2.00 Chasing UFOs.

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