Sunday 18 March 2018

Pub Quiz


Which artist painted Dedham Vale and The Haywain? A. Turner, B. Monet, C. Picasso, D. Constable. 2. What sort of creature is a pipistrelle? A. A frog, B. A bird, C. A bat, D. A lizard. 3. Which football team plays at Old Trafford? A. Manchester City, B. Manchester United, C. Blackburn Rovers, D. Newcastle United. 4. Which Hungarian-born US physicist was known as the father of the H-bomb? A. Albert Einstein, B. Robert J. Oppenheimer, C. Edward Teller, D. Alfred Nobel. 5. In which country can the Jumna River be found? A. Congo, B. Pakistan, C. Brazil, D. India. 6. Who was the second wife of Henry VIII? A. Catherine Parr, B. Catherine of Aragon, C. Anne Boleyn, D. Anne of Cleaves. 7. Which naturalist established the theory of evolution by natural selection? A. David Bellamy, B. Charles Darwin, C. Desmond Morris, D. Stephen Hawking. 8. With which musical instrument is Miles Davis chiefly associated? A. Saxophone, B. Electric Guitar, C. Cello, D. Trumpet.