Thursday 26 April 2018

Poetry festival to return next year

Following the excitement of the August weekend when the second Fermoy poetry Festival hit the town with such an impact, and which impressed so many who had never experienced such an event in the town, the general consensus expressed since is that it has now firmly established itself as one of the big days in the year of Fermoy town for future years.

It is a tribute to Fermoy-based Chairman of the Elbow Lane Group and chief organiser of the event Gene Barry that the event flowed like it did, everything was well organised to fit into the short time frame of a weekend and the big thing was that everybody seemed to enjoy themselves from the opening night at the council chambers and later at the Grand Hotel until the very last event on Sunday night.

It was also a great boost to the economy of the town, with forty odd poets coming in from abroad and from Ireland, as well as the many followers they brought with them, I am quite sure that Fermoy will welcome the event back again next year with open arms and with Gene and his team at work in the background already, we can expect even better next year.

Best of luck to him and thank you from Fermoy