Monday 23 September 2019

Masterclass in style at Boherbue's annual Debs

Sheila Fitzgerald

Boherbue Comprehensive Debs got off to a great start last week when summer obliged briefly with a balmy sunny day, providing the perfect backdrop for the 54 strong class to enjoy the event and show off their fabulous style.

Beauty and hair salons in Boherbue, Kiskeam and Newmarket were hives of activity from early on and many of the students enjoyed impromptu get togethers at home with family and friends before setting off for the Debs photoshoot at the school.

Proud parents and siblings descended on the comprehensive school to savour the atmosphere and see the style, and School Principal Vera Leader, as well as Deputy Principal DJ McSweeney, were on hand to wish their students well.

The boys impressed in suits from Suits Select, Tralee and Simply Suits, Killarney, in shades of black, grey and navy. Brown shoes were the popular choice. 

The girls, meanwhile, dazzled in all the colours of the rainbow with a predominance of blues and greens this year.

Popular hunting grounds for the gowns were Dani's Closet, Limerick, Vows, Blarney, and Glowing Girlies, Limerick. Before setting off the group called in to Billy Murphy's Bar in Boherbue, and later stopped off at the Corner House in Croom before arriving at the Oakwood Hotel in Shannon where they enjoyed a three course meal. 

There were lots of fun awards but Owen Harty and Ciara Linehan scooped the overall honours when they were crowned King and Queen. The entertainment was described as "out of this world" and embellishments like a Rodeo Bull, Photo Booth and Sweet Cart, as well as Pizzas on departure at the end of the night all went down a treat with everyone.

"We had a fantastic day and night and no one will ever forget it," Susan O'Connor, one of the organisers said.