Sunday 19 November 2017

Mallow spoof song adds a new take on emigration

The Mallow song 'Leaving Lovely Ireland' has become a YouTube hit.
The Mallow song 'Leaving Lovely Ireland' has become a YouTube hit.


THREE talented Mallow lads have offered an alternative take on the doom and gloom of emigration.

While many people have, unfortunately, been forced to seek work abroad, Trevor Kiely, Liam Hallihan and Johnny Willis have made a song that is a bit trad, a bit rap and completely a spoof on the emigrants' lament.

Their song, 'Leaving Lovely Ireland', has become a YouTube hit.

"The idea behind the song is the just a send-up of the old emigration songs and the misery and misfortune they go on with," Trevor, who is based along with Liam in New Zealand, told The Corkman.

"The whole spiel you would hear about "the young people being forced to leave our shores to look for work", when the truth is the emigrants are having a great time," he explained.

"They say "Oh god help us, the Junior B team in Ballygobackwards can't field a football team anymore" - that's because they are in Melbourne Auckland or Perth playing in leagues over there and it's great.

"They have their own community there, and are happy out, away from the misery," he contends.

The song was made with Johnny, who is in Mallow, and the trio reckon the song is, in one sense, a historic first. "The song started out with those high minded ideas and then quickly went down the muddy hill into a farce. On the plus side we do claim to have written the first rap about Mallow," he said.

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