Friday 15 December 2017

It's The Last Waltz, the remake, live at The Everyman

And the band played on .. the originals winding up 'The Last Waltz' all those years ago.
And the band played on .. the originals winding up 'The Last Waltz' all those years ago.


ON November 25, 1976, rock group The Band held what was billed as their farewell concert in front of a packed audience at the Winter Ballroom in San Francisco.

The concert, aptly entitled 'The Last Waltz', also featured a stellar line-up of supporting musicians, including Eric Clapton, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Ringo Starr, Muddy Waters and Neil Young.

The event was filmed by director Martin Scorsese and turned into a documentary featuring concert footage and interviews with members of The Band, which is now widely regarded as being one of the greatest concert films ever made.

The concert is set to be re-enacted in all its glory on the stage of Cork's Everyman Palace Theatre on Saturday, March 9 by Dublin based rock and roll troupe The Group.

The Live Last Waltz will feature a 10-piece band, a full brass section and a whole host of special guests.

The show has already played to packed audiences in the capital, with fans of The Band reliving the buzz, excitement and showmanship of the original concert.

The tribute night not only stars The Group as The Band, but also features a whole host of special musical guest stars from the vibrant Dublin music scene.

The concert promises to be a real treat for fans of The Band, Dylan, Neil Young, Clapton and indeed anyone who enjoys good old-fashioned rock and country music.

Tickers for The Live Last Waltz, priced at €25 (€20 for the first 100), are available from the Everyman Palace box office on 021 450 1673 or at

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